Who We Are.

Together For Better Foundation was founded with a mission to empower less privileged communities with better opportunities in life through improving access to learning resources and educational materials.

Our Purpose

Creating solutions for effective menstrual health management through the provisions of education, training and adequate information regarding Menstrual Health Hygiene. Our aim is to effectively decimate and demystify the myths of menstrual health with informational education and thereby also stem the alarming growing numbers of early and teen girls’ pregnancies.

How And Who Are Benefiting

There are a vast group of women in low-income slums and villages where young girls are a direct beneficiary of this program. The reusable sanitary kits has created substantial employment opportunities to over 50 tailors.  A vast number of children can enhance their knowledge through the foundation’s libraries in an effort to promote literacy levels within various rural areas. Increased levels of awareness has been evidenced through our programs relating to Menstrual Health Management  and as a  result, there are documented reduction in not only absenteeism but also dropouts among young girls simply due to the fact that they have access to better Menstrual Health Management thereby instilling them with renewed confidence.

What we Do.

Reusable Sanitary Kits

Our reusable pads are designed to be super absorbent, reduce leakage and offer better protection and comfort for up to 2 years or regular use. The pads are also discrete and come in 2 muted colours.

Literacy Promotion

We share the belief that better education empowers communities towards better opportunities for a better life away from poverty and vice, and moreover a more informed individual builds a better society.

About the Pads

Our reusable pad kit usually consists of six pads to cater for the girls’ monthly periodic cycle with a usage expectancy and expiration of 2 years. The pads are stitched in sizes medium to large in terms of differences in ages, usage needs and hip width. The pads have three layers all made of cotton which aids in preventing leakage thereby making the pads plastic free. The pads are made of muted colors like maroon and navy blue mainly due to the fact that they reduce staining and also do not lose color easily when washed.

In Closing...

We hope that our purpose gives you sufficient insights on how our foundation is bringing education and self reliance to the women and young girls in various marginalized  communities. Our program is geared towards awareness on hygiene, self-empowerment and sustainability and our hope is to reach and increase our donor base which will thereby expand our outreach programs.

Meet Our Founder.

Born in Gujrat, India she migrated to Kenya at the age of 11 and this has been her home since. Due to unavoidable circumstances, she dropped out of secondary school. However, she pursued her dream to go back to study; obtained her Diploma, did an online certification on Psychology, qualified in English through the British Council and has been certified by Cambridge.


She is involved in numerous charities, but mainly promoting Menstrual Health Management and currently involved in the distribution of re-useable sanitary pads. There are many challenges facing women from impoverished and under developed areas of the country that she assessing. Re-useable pads have always been the top of her agenda due to the problems faced by the girl child. Many have no access to sanitary pads and on several occasions are reliant on donors. Aruna believes that re-usable pads will help solve this problem.

She is also passionately involved in the Smallest Library in Africa. Her experience has helped establish, build and upgrade over 18 libraries (and counting) in rural and informal housing (slums) in Kenya. Her greatest motivation and joy is the impact on the women and children she works and interacts with and their new perspective approach to life as a result her interaction with them.

Meet the Directors

Deep Nagda

A venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur, he has a passion for Law and Fintech, with interests in eco-friendly buildings. He has built an expansive experience in the FMCG industry and holds stakes in various outlets. Other ventures are in Education, the automobile industry, angel investments and IT. He is passionate about working towards sustainable waste management and looks forward to a more organized system of creating wealth from waste continuously advocating for a circular economy and a zero waste society.

Mavji Varsani

A creative and enterprising serial entrepreneur with interests in sustainable living, eco-friendly and energy saving buildings and structures. He has a vast experience in various fields of Construction and Architecture to include expansive stakes in the Real Estate Market, Finance, IT and a deep passion in Education and Environmental sustainability with a major interest in the circular economy via recycling and the creation of new products from end of life products.

Caroline Ashley

A driven and highly motivated Certified Nonprofit Professional working to empower underserved communities here in San Diego and local grassroots Nonprofit leaders In Kenya to strengthen their resource mobilization capacity through tailored training workshops and coaching.

She has also vast experience helping create and support some of East Africa’s most respected hospitality brands (Java House, Mercury Lounge, Planet Yogurt and 360 Degrees Pizza).

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