The Smallest Library in Africa,
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Since its establishment, the foundation has taken up the mission to bridge the literacy gap by providing access to learning resources for children in less fortunate communities to advance the literacy development. 

We share the belief that better education empowers communities towards better opportunities for a better life away from poverty and vice, and moreover a more informed individual builds a better society.

We achieve this through our yearly book drive, working with partners and stakeholders through the “Smallest library in Africa Project”, and our volunteer network to gather text books, notebooks and virtual learning resources. The focus of our solution-based approach is based on supporting the national school curriculum, offering text books and scarce learning materials; and the adoption of modern technology through a structured digital learning program.

The emergence of COVID19 has only made the need for these learning resources more urgent, and here is where you can help.

Our Approach

Empowership in the Slums

As part of the sustainable development goals No.4, our mission is to work to reduce the barriers to learning in deserving communities by providing a wholistic approach to education by providing access to learning resources towards a free, equitable and quality education.

Learning Resources

• Promoting creativity through learning
• We work with partners and stakeholders to provide curriculum books and educational resources in primary and secondary education
• We bring together innovative technologies and partners towards bridging the barriers to learning through curating digital learning content and resources.
• We mentor tutors and community leaders empowering them with the support required to keep the libraries running.


The impact of our initiative comes together through community libraries. This guarantees a longer reach over time of even a few resources.

Get Involved Today

Sponsor a Full Cycle Kit

Give confidence to help a girl continue with her education with a kit equipped with 6 reusable pads.

Volunteer your time with us.

Give your time to a worthy cause and enjoy the benefits of becoming a part of our growing volunteer network.

Help us with Learning Resources

Support our educational initiatives with educational resources and books distributed to community libraries all over Kenya.

Our Impact

our books and libraries in together for better foundation

The foundation is committed to literacy promotion as part of its mission. With majority of Kenyans being youth, it is our realization that quality education is a key focal point to forming a better-informed society and as the very first step towards poverty eradication. 

Working with our partners, T4B Foundation has aligned itself with the UN sustainable development goals towards addressing barriers to quality education and an improved quality of life. Working with our partners, we equip communities with learning resources such as tablets and relevant books in line with Kenya’s educational system. We have successfully delivered over 36,000 books to over 28 libraries in rural Kenya.

Our Partners